August Macke. Augenblick.

Photographien, Tunesien 1914

Die Sinne sind uns Brücke vom Unfaßbaren zum Faßbaren.
–August Macke /via

Photographien von August Macke (3.1.1887 - 26.9.1914) von seiner Reise durch Tunesien, die er im April 1914 zusammen mit Paul Klee und Louis Moilliet unternahm. Stationen in Tunesien:

After lunch an Easter Monday drive in the car to Sidi-Bou-Said, the town that we first saw from the ship. […] The town lies so beautifully up there and looks far over the sea, which accompanies us with its deep breathing as we climb. Stopped by a garden gate and began a watercolor sketch. Thalatta!! […]
We were soon to see clearly that Rome’s victory over Carthage was absolute. […] Of the city, with the exception of a few excavated spots on the ground, there is not a trace. Instead, a new little Italian agglomeration with a mass of people cutting up. A brass band, hoarse and memoriably out-of-tune, such as I had never even heard in unmusical Switzerland. Europe’s victory of Africa, it now turned out, had been of questionable value! At the entrance of the village some beauty was sitting all dolled up on a dungheap, so the eye might have a treat worthy of the music. –Paul Klee /via

Die Photos wurden vom Macke-Archiv des LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur unter CC-SA-40 veröffentlicht. Sie sind hier digital restauriert, da die Bilder und nicht der Alterungsprozess der Papierabzüge wesentlich ist.