August Macke. Augenblick.

Passage von Marseille nach Tunis; 1914

Photographien und Skizzen von August Macke. Am 6.4.1914 schifften sich August Macke, Paul Klee und Louis Moilliet in Marseille auf die Carthage nach Tunis ein.

Diary Paul Klee, Monday, 4.6. Il fait beau temps, pourtant. Try to believe it. I took Gabriele Münter’s medicine; the other two were taking big mauve and green pills and smiling at me and my Münter remedy. I distrusted both remedies, the one as much as the other. That’s why I began to feel pretty sick, though it was gradual enough. August Macke drew me a little sketch to show what I would look like when I was really sick (he had no faith in Münter). Whereupon I let him give me some of his mauve and green pills. Lo and behold! I felt better. And a bit later I lit my pipe. Whereupon August Macke really became my friend. Until then he had considered me a monster of perfection, and now I was snugly smoking a pipe. He found this irresistable.

This raised our good mood to high spirits, but all the same the deck slanted like a roof and everything began to slide, men, women, deckchairs; there was no little confusion around the rail. This continual slanting to one side and the other brought results: the passengers became fewer. But the three of us remained cheerful, carefree, above it all. Just happy. Desire for food and sleep overcame us. We laid siege to the dining room a half-hour ahead of time. Perhaps the food was nothing special, it seemed to us fit for a king. And how we slept!

Tuesday, 4.7. Woke up within sight of the coast of Sardinia. The colors of water and air are still more instense today than yesterday. The colors are more glowing and rather darker. In the front of the ship (I visit third class frequently) the most colorful scenes are to be observed. The French colonial soldier goes so well with all this.
In the afternoon the coast of Africa appeared. Later on, the first Arab town was clearly discernible, Sidi Bou Saïd

Sonja: "Louis der Grausame" aus dem Klingsor mit den Beinen nach oben...
nach erneuter Lektüre gefällt mir der pragmatische Louis plötzlich von der ganzen Clique am allerbesten.

Paul Klee [Tuesday Apr-7, 1914]: The docking in the modest, somber harbor very impressive. The first Orientals we saw close up on the banks of the canal. But then, though the ship was still moving, incredible characters were climbimg aboard up rope ladders. Below, our host Dr. Jäggi, his wife, and his little daughter. And his automobile.
Finally we landed and were submitted to the last test, making our way through the crush of the customs inspection, amidst defeating noise.

Fahrt zum Grand Hotel France in der Rue Léon Roches 8

Die Photos wurden vom Macke-Archiv des LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur unter CC-SA-40 veröffentlicht. Sie sind hier digital restauriert, da die Bilder und nicht der Alterungsprozess der Papierabzüge wesentlich ist.

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