Lawrence Lessig

How democracy gets defeated and the techniques to take government from people, and the hacks to get it back. Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel 23-Aug-2016

One of the most important pioneers and visionaries of the Internet, and briefly a presidential candidate in the current US election, talks about strategies for the reconquest of democracy by the people. The “Internet’s lawyer” and founder of the Creative Commons movement, Lawrence Lessig is seen as one of the most important visionaries of the digitalized world and advocate for a “free culture.” Because these were being restricted and de-democratized through restrictive laws, the law professor at Harvard University participated in countless copyright trials, developed legal models for open-source licenses and for these, among other, reasons, has become a global icon for internet activists. He ran for president in the current American Democratic primary with one goal in mind: to bar campaign financing by private or corporate big spenders. A change of rules by the Democratic National Committee made Lessig call off his bid early, but his crowdfunded campaign alone demonstrated that a democratically organized and unhierarchical public can play along in global politics. At the International Summerfestival, he will talk specifically about these antidemocratic processes as part of the ZEIT-Foundation’s Bucerius Summer School on Global Governance and sound out new strategies for the reconquest of sovereignty by the people. /via


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